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Wild swimming time!

Obviously as the name suggests wild swimming should be all year round if you are indeed a wild crazy person! If on the other hand you are like me and a little bit mild now is the perfect time to go mild swimming! Here in Totnes we have the River Dart which starts up on Dartmoor and runs down to the coast at Dartmouth, the River Dart is mainly why Totnes exists as it was built at the lowest crossing point and became a trading place with ships bringing goods up the Dart to dock in Totnes. Fascinating as this is it's better saved for another time!

Back to swimming! The lower reaches of the Dart are tidal and not really suitable for swimming, the river can move very fast and also it's busy with boats etc. The place to go is up above the weir which slows the flow down considerably helping keep the water warmer from the sun and also making it much safer. The weir is located at the top of town very close to the railway station just a little bit further up the riverside footpath. Here you will find a purpose built platform for getting in and out of the water for swimmers or paddle boarders, kayaks etc. Care must still be taken when it's rained as the flow can increase quite considerably and swimming alone is not advisable as things can go wrong quickly out in the wild. This part of the river is quite wide and makes a good place to just play in the water as its deep enough to jump in. For the more adventurous a swim upstream is an amazing experience, it is a little harder as you are going against the flow but you do get the treat of an easy swim back to where you started with the gentle flow of the water. You don't have to go far to be just in the company of trees and ducks! Highly recommended! If you are planning on going further up you will reach the edge of the Dartington Estate and the Dear Park which are both beautiful.

If you do go in the water please be careful and take a safety float and never go in alone!

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